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Evangelist Isacc Leija is the founder and President of the bi-lingual ministry The Fire Within Ministries headquartered in Southern California. He was born in a Christian Bible base family home to Henry and Ruby Leija. His father was a pastor for a small town church in Del Rey, California near the Fresno area, and his mother was a Holy Spirit-filled gospel preacher.
He comes from a bloodline of preachers with other relatives being pastors and preachers too, so it's no surprise that the baton to continue the race to preach the word of God was passed on to him. 


As an Evangelist, his heart’s desire is to preach the gospel in the four corners of the world. This is part of the great commission that Jesus commanded when He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15).


There's a race that we all run in this world, our life is like a shadow here today gone tomorrow. Every day we walk side by side next to eternity.

There is a misconception out there that once you die it's all over but the reality of it all is that once a person dies true life begins in the world of eternity. What is eternity you may ask? Well, there are only two places a soul and spirit can live in when it comes to eternity. Either in the Kingdom of God or in a place of damnation called hell. This is the reality of eternal life. We were made by an eternal God and His breath gave us life. Therefore, an
ything that God creates has eternal life because He is an eternal being so you will never die. One billion years from now you will still be alive. 


As an Evangelist, my heart yearns for the lost soul. And if you are a Christian your heart should feel the burden for the lost too. We are not the life saver but we are the ones that throw the life preserver over to the one that is drowning in the sea of peril. As Christians, we all have the responsibility of letting the unsaved know that there is salvation through Jesus. Our job is to evangelize because we hold the message of truth of life in Gods word.


Not telling someone about Jesus Christ is not being a Christian. Not telling someone of Jesus is letting someone die. Let's say you were on a cruise ship and you see someone fall in the water and they shout I 'm drowning, I 'm drowning please save me. And right next to you there's is a life preserver, but you choose not to throw it, instead you decide to go along with your business.  


Surely you can walk away and ignore the situation but one thing for sure. If that person dies when you had the opportunity to throw the life preserver. The voice of the one that needed help will drown your soul into a state agony where you will hear why didn't I tell him/her?

If you are not saved as an Evangelist I come to tell you that Jesus paid a huge price here on earth by giving his life on the cross for you and for me. Through him, there is salvation and by accepting him you can look with joy onto the horizon that by faith you will live with him and the Father together for all eternity.


If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and would like to. I like for you to take this moment to do so by closing your eyes, and open your heart and say this prayer. 
"Dear Lord, I come to accept you as my savior. I ask that you wash me with your precious blood and cleanse my sins away. Break every chain, every curse that the enemy the devil has placed on me. I believe that you died on the cross for me and that God resurrected you from the dead. And as of right now I accept you into my life. I accept you as my one and only savior. In Jesus mighty name Amen."
Friend, if you said that prayer with all of your heart. I have good news for you. Your name is now written into the book of life. That means that there is joy in heaven. That means that if your race here on earth was to end for you, the celebration in heaven would begin because you would have eternal life with Jesus.


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