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Your gift helps us bring the message of the cross to the lost soul that needs salvation. 


When you donate to The Fire Within Ministries you are actually helping us with the great commission journey. You are helping us go into the world to reach lost souls.


By partnering with us you support the following:


  • The Fire Within Revival Events.

  • Help orphans living at Where the Heart is Children's Ministry.

  • Radio programs that broadcast the gospel throughout the world.

  • Open-air evangelism events that teach others how to evangelize.

  • Various media outlets that reach many every day.

By clicking on the secure donate button below your generous gift will help bring the gospel.


The Fire Within Ministries appreciates your generosity. We are dedicated to sharing God's word throughout our community and beyond. Your gifts will be used dollar per dollar to continue our mission.  Thank you for your support.  

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